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Apply to be a 
GEM Coach/Specialist

Thank you for your interest in being part of our team! 

To see if you would be a good match for GEM, please read the job description here and apply using the form below.

If selected to move forward, you will go through an interview round and sit in on a Treasure Chest class. Should we be a good fit, you will receive a contract from Eric Horwitz and begin to work your way up in GEM! 


New coaches start by sitting in on 3 Treasure Chest classes to get a sense of how to run a session and guide a group of professionals. They then move to teaching one class/week for three months, then two classes/week for three months, and so forth. Outside of The Treasure Chest, coaches are welcome to pick up clients and invite their own private clients to our community. 

As a coach, WE ENCOURAGE YOUR IDEAS! Whether leading a class with music or exploring outer space, we are here to support your projects and growth in this field. 

Thank you again for applying to be part of our team, we look forward to reviewing your application and being in touch. 

For any questions, please email

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