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Eric Horwitz is a leader in the international world of executive coaching. Based in New York City, Eric supports and enhances industry experts with diverse backgrounds. With fifteen years of coaching experience, he has worked to improve the quality and effectiveness of leaders around the globe. Eric has cultivated strong relationships with professionals at non-profit, government and for-profit organizations such as New York University, Bank of America, Vogue, The White House, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, NYC Department of Education, The Mayor’s Office and Johnson & Johnson. His experience and coaching style has inspired a multitude of executive leaders towards articulating their missions and achieving their goals. As a graduate of Columbia University, he currently serves on the board of the Columbia Alumni Outreach Committee and is the head of the Columbia University Career Coaches Network. Eric has been deeply involved in the nexus of New York cultural, business and global change over the last twenty years. 


Before Eric transitioned into the world of coaching, he gained invaluable experience as a Global Human Resource Consultant and executive leader at PwC. One of Coach E’s main teachings is that any successful person, company, or society must develop and outline a strong foundation and long term vision for what force they want to bring into the world. When working with clients, Eric helps them discover and express their passions and guides them on a collaborative path in making those passions a reality.

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